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Posted by Frances Russon


Extremely interesting!

Posted by Steve anderson


My guy was interesting and friendly but left me with the feeling that he was in a hurry. I suggest he slow down.

Posted by Caaminee Pandit


Knowledgeable and friendly tour guide. Would recommend to everyone visiting Paris!

Posted by Christine Chlebda


The booking process was very easy, although not necessary for the free walking tours. You can just show up and join the tour without booking. However, the nice part of booking is that you get an email with an option to leave a review after your tour ;-).

Posted by Tina


The walk was amazing and the guide made the best with all the construction going on in the area. I feel that more history of the area that could have been shared with our group but the guide did not take advantage of this. I.e their binder

Posted by Eleonora


We had a super nice experience. The guide was funny and prepared. The tour was really enjoyable. I will definitely do another discovery walk (maybe all of them). I think it is a perfect way to discover Paris, even for people living there.

Posted by Marta Glowacka


veeerrry interesting!!!

Posted by Karthikeyan


Sofia our guide was very warm, friendly and knew exactly what my wife and I were looking for - an unhurried tour of places at the heart of Paris, but nuggets outside the tourist crowds. The 90 minutes was well spent in the company of walkers from different parts of the world. She explained the historical significance of several buildings and avenues close to the popular destination of Louvre and the Opera. Her sense of humour added to the experience.

Posted by john marschall


Nobody showed up, so we were very disappointed.

Posted by Mariaelisa Garza


Very interesting tour! The guide was very charming, we explored a different side to Paris. Very recommended

Posted by Michelle Hart


Easy to book

Posted by Styliani P


Loads of enthusiasm from our guide and big, happy group! Hidden gems in Paris was exactly the thing I needed: to discover fresh, new and funny stories! Thank you.

Posted by Lori Gregorich


I booked a spot for one walking tour, and just was a walk-up for another. Both ways worked very well.

Posted by kelley Laesch


Great experience. Our guide was funny and informative, tried to connect with everyone in the group, and took us to some little corners of Paris that we might normally not have seen. We got an excellent lunch recommendation also. A 2 hour tour was just the right amount of time, too. Recommended.

Posted by Jean chan


Guide was knowledgeable, entertaining and has a sense of humour. The walk was easy. With the right dash of stops and stories. Will def do it again. Thanks!

Posted by Chris T Fox


Roman was a very informative and entertaining guide.

Posted by Sophia Abou El-Komboz


Everything worked very well.

Posted by Shay Zukerman


The guide Aurelia was fun to follow and very clear. The places we visited were indeed new for us and it was great to reach them. Highly recommended! Thanks Odelia and Shay Z.

Posted by Elena Dietmann


Easy to book, straight forward, informative website. I went on the hidden gems tour, it's a nice way to see Paris. In this particular tour there isn't too much walking you are pretty much 15 minutes away from you started, but you still see quite a lot interesting places. The guide was very friendly, talkative, knowledgeable and approachable. I would like to do more tours with them and I will next time I am in Paris.

Posted by David Menkov


Marie was very helpful

Posted by Isabelle.boreham


very enjoyable!

Posted by Sarah Beard


Our guide was very professional but friendly and was very informative. It was a v interesting tour exploring the hidden gems of Paris- would definitely recommend.

Posted by Anne Whitcombe


Marie is a very knowledgeable guide who showed us things we would probably not find ourselves and explained the stories behind them. She was good fun and we'll definitely do another tour next time we're in Paris.

Posted by orna levanon


A nice friendly guide with good English. The walk took us to interesting spots: real hidden gems!

Posted by Livy


The guide was every friendly



A perfect tour led by an excellent tour guide. See our review at http://myinsidertraveltips.com/free-walking-tour-paris/

Posted by Victor


Went for the Montmartre and secret gem walking tour. Guides very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended!

Posted by Celeste Morton


Well researched but fun. Lots of information and insight into Paris history and culture and from a French local. I enjoyed it despite the weather.

Posted by Marylyn Nolan


They were very accommodating when I needed to reschedule my tour date.

Posted by Hili


great guide!

Posted by Victoria Baldos


Great communication both displayed on the website and when speaking to the customer service over the phone. Booking was surprisingly easy.



I have been coming to Paris since 1969 but on this trip I brought my son in law and grandson. My purpose in joining this tour was to have them become more acquainted with the city. Our tour guide was peppy, prepared and a font of information. She kept the group moving at a good pace, answered all questions and kept control. She is a winner I would strongly recommend these tours and I regret that we didn?t have more time to take advantage of other tours

Posted by Jeffrey N Davis


Fantastic tour. Mae pointed out things that only someone who lives and works near the Louvre or in the heart of Paris might know. She gave us great recommendations for shopping, food and everything else we wanted to see. I'm not a great photographer, but here are a couple of pics. I will recommend DiscoverWalks.com to all my friends traveling to Paris, London or San Francisco.

Posted by Leon Meyers


Sean (Montmartre) and Victor (Hidden Gems) were both excellent guides - knowlegeable; personable; organized; enthusiastic. I'll be looking for Discover Walks at every opportunity!

Posted by Yaron Inbar


Hidden Gems (Thank you Sophie!!!) , Le Marais and the flea markets I all tours we had young intelligent Parisian guides that showed us their city. in all places we learned things difficult to see alone. Always on time with a welcoming attitude. Highly recommended!

Posted by JP Dehollain


Great to have a tour with a local who was very knowledgeable and open to tell give us a lot of information about his city. The only thing that could've been better was that he could have encouraged more questions after each stop.

Posted by Mei Genosi


She was very nice but did not wow me as my first Mont marte tour.

Posted by Andrea Rosen


Kept the group moving. Entertaining. Good history in his talks. Liked the theme of hidden gems

Posted by Lesley Kong Swee Ling


Our Tour guide is very knowledgeable . Good history and background description . And he is very friendly and speak very well.

Posted by Cristina Meyer



Posted by Mei Liew


The guide has clear communication style.

Posted by Dikla tal


Interesting and light tours are combined with extensive knowledge and humor and recommendations. It is highly recommended.

Posted by Alexandra Karambelas


Hidden gems was great

Posted by bob tickle


Guide was very hard to hear , moved at a snails pace and spent all of his time only talking with two ladies.. Walked away from tour before it ended.

Posted by Kathryn Joseph


Tourguide Sean is worth 10 stars. Presentation, knowledge, charisma - he has it all. The tour was very unusual and unique. Loved learning off the beaten path.

Posted by Alex Grebenyuk


Very quick and convenient booking service

Posted by Maree McLean


The website was easy to navigate and easy to book online.



Patrick was great - Despite many trips to Paris, I learned and saw things I had never seen before. I will take another discover walk next time I am in Paris

Posted by Sonya Laxton


Did two walks with Sean... so many regrets!! Wish I had had the epiphany to do these when i first landed in paris. His energy is infectious and the pace is perfect. Loved the hidden gems so much decided to join the latin walk just because he ws doing that.. have to admit the latin wasn't my cup of tea but was so glad i did it... and like i said Sean made it quite easy to do. Thank you and I hope you guys can manage to keep this going ( saw a lot of stinginess in the tipping... )

Posted by Margo Shipley


Sean was an amazing guide and so friendly and nice.

Posted by nathalie asmar


It was really great

Posted by Jeanette Reid


Wow who would have thought so many hidden gems in this city of love.

Posted by Lily and Moshe neumann


The service was excellent. The information and response were fast and accurate.

Posted by irit


Informative, with humor and good energy

Posted by Rodney Hammond


Tour guide was great, prompt ,informative,but this tour was the least interesting of the 3 we did, just not many hidden gems!

Posted by Vesa Malin


I was very disappointed about hidden gems walk in Paris. Guide was not speaking understandable English all the time. The walk was not interesting at all.

Posted by Zoe Wyatt


Very easy to join the tour and find the guide

Posted by Geraldine Gardiner


Great guide. Fun walk

Posted by Christine Fiske


Excellent, great guide (Tristen) and fun to learn hidden secrets.

Posted by Nisha Idicula


The guide was great and it gave us a look into the history of Paris that was interesting and new. I would definitely recommend it for those who have a keen interest in seeing another side of Paris and who love knowing the story behind a building or monument

Posted by Monica Delgado


Our tour guide was lovely, new a lot about the city itself and was able to recommend a few restaurants. I will definitely use this company again!

Posted by Evelyn Pemberton


The walks were informative and fun, the leader was enthusiastic and a local of the area which made for a very enjoyable walk. I would recommend the walks and do one again myself if the opportunity arises.

Posted by Pooja subramanya


We took another Discover walk in paris (the montmarte tour with Audrey) and had so much fun on that one, so we decided to take this one. But, unfortunately, the guide on this one wasnt as considerate as Audrey. Audrey made sure everyone joined her and then she would start talking and sharing all her knowledge, whereas this guide was not very collected, would start talking when a few have joined her and half the time, we would never catch what she is talking about. Also, she would have people all round her and she kept circling around to talk to everyone which was very distracting. She wasnt very loud, so we had to read her lips to understand what she was saying and with her circling around, it was hard to do so. It would have been nice if she could make us all stand in a semi circle and address everyone in one angle and not move so much! Anyway summary - a) would be better if she had waited for everyone to join before she talks, b) not talk and share bits of info while walking which means everyone else misses it. c) gather people in FRONT of her and address them and not circle around and talk

Posted by Frances Chang


Insights from locals living in the City. Not the usual stiff factual tour. Nice to walk around the city being introduced to local haunts and places of interest.

Posted by Stefan Lundmark


Very nice guides indeed

Posted by Arthur and Yelena


Well organized.

Posted by Wallace Blevins


This particular tour was not that great. The locations we visited and info presented was not super interesting. For example we were close to Gallerie Lafayette yet went thru in a small shopping gallery.

Posted by Katie Marquis


Eric was a great guide for the Saint Germain tour!

Posted by David Katz


No suprises, we (my wife and mysekl) had one tour for just ourselves. very pleasant interesting tours, gives life to the buildings and streets.

Posted by Richard Martin


The guide was excellent and interacted well with everyone. This particular tour took us to some very interesting but under-rated places, as well as pointing out some good eating places. There are multiple tours and if this walk is anything to go by, one walk will not be enough as for the cost of a two hour bus tour you can get three personalised guided tours looking at different aspects of Paris.

Posted by Lori Hansen


This tour was one of the first things we did on our visit to Paris. The guide was fantastic! Nice to have an introduction to some the lesser known areas of Paris and some great tips too.

Posted by Gillian Simms


Very interesting and our guide showed us the secret places with great enthusiasm and humour .

Posted by Frank Meagher


mediocre few gems to my intrepretation guide somewhat flustered and disorganized

Posted by Ivana Bongiorno


Really friendly guides who show you quirky things you would probably miss if you just follow a guide book. Well worth a couple of hours of your time in Paris and a generous tip.

Posted by Matthew Double


Great walk, excellent host, good pace and clear and iteresting info.

Posted by Brittney Stratuik


Tons of fun, our host was fantastic, full of info, and showed us some wonderful places.

Posted by Jennifer Deutscher


Yes. Have already recommended this tour. very informative & friendly. Good to have a real Parisian as a guide.

Posted by Connie Jakobsen


Easy to book the tour. All information available

Posted by Catherine Edwards


Our guide was really friendly and created a nice group dynamic. She was passionate about Paris and that really came through in the tour. I enjoyed the route which we passed but preferred our Monmarte tour because I found this route much more interesting.

Posted by iffat


It's a good way to explore the city, the guide was nice and helpful. The tour is not too long which is good.

Posted by Angelina Shigeura


I enjoyed my guide, he gave a lot of interesting information

Posted by Hafner


No confirmation accepted.

Posted by rose Carvajal


I was grateful for the hidden treasures of Paris. but...The group was so large that they had to call a second person. The second person was not as good as the first. Voice did not project well. Moved to quickly

Posted by Nancy Merrill


It was great to find an affordable walking tour through the city. I am sure that tour guides that work for the very expensive operations are very well trained and educated and provide fine service with in-depth historical details and facts. This was much more laid back and frankly, fun. In terms of booking, it was easy and the communication was excellent. It was easy to find the meeting place and our guide.

Posted by David Shepherd


Very knowledgeable about the area and had lots of great stories. Our first guide was very good and focused. But because the group was so big, another tour guide was added and he was not as good as the first. His stories were not focused and he spent time talking about other areas. I wanted to learn about the area we were in etc.

Posted by Annette luchich


Clear and concise instructions on where to meet - thank you

Posted by Edgar Barber


It was amazing, the first tour we did, great hidden locations and Galeries

Posted by Karen Neiderer


This tour was great! It was convenient that it started in a central, easy-to-find spot. Loved the Palais Royal.

Posted by Francesca Fasesin


I couldn't always hear the guide, but he was really lovely and gave a good tour.

Posted by Luce Tremblay-Parent


J'aime d�couvrir une ville par le biais de walking tour! Sans exception pour celui que j'ai fait avec Ad�le � Paris. Toutefois, j'aurais aim� que notre guide attende tout le groupe pour donner des informations... j'ai manqu� quelques bouts. Merci pour la marche! :)

Posted by Callum Hatton


A good tour with alot of history included. Such a wonderful way to explore a foreign city

Posted by Michelle Wiersma


Charlotte was a vivacious, engaging guide who was interesting and knowledgeable about her city. She let us know in advance where we were going so there were no surprises about our route, and we received hints and ideas of where to go for meals and other places of interest after our bike tour. Thank you! It was a real highlight of my Paris adventure.

Posted by Janice Stavinga


The tour was informative, and the guide, Valentin, was quite knowledgeable. Though we did not go very far from the starting point, we did get to see areas where we most likely would not have wandered on our own. I do recommend a walking tour in any city that you visit.

Posted by Mary Wang


Bits of history, bits of recommendations, easy walking distance.

Posted by Giulia Gallamini


It was really a great walk! Really interesting and Lola is super nice!

Posted by Noah Geduld


Friendly guide and really fun and informative.

Posted by Deb Booker


Tour guide was lovely and your was very informative!

Posted by Francisco Laguna


Audrey was great. Very informative and funny. The group was quite large, about 20, but she handled it beautifully.

Posted by Lauren Kells


Got a lot of good food recommendations, off the beaten path. Thank you!

Posted by James Bruce


Very informative. Guide was great, really kept your attention.



Very informative and fun walk! We had a great time. Thank you Valentine City Walk guide.

Posted by Merja Sepp?l?


Very nice boy. All went just nice, a hint in future: talk face to the people that we can hear better :)

Posted by alessia arnesano


Passeggiata molto interessante alla scoperta dei lati nascosti di Parigi nel quartiere vicino a Notre Dame. Consigliata per i veri viaggiatori. ;)

Posted by Tatiana Petrovich


Audrey was really nice and friendly. A little more historic facts would have been nicer.

Posted by Mrs Sian Patel


The Website is easy to use and you can see details of all the different tours that are on offer. The confirmation email came back very swiftly and we received a reminder email the day before the tour.

Posted by Olivia Portlock


Our tour guide Adele was absolutely lovely, knowledgeable and it was a lovely tour of Paris secret gems. If we had had more time I would have done another two or three walks with discover walks!

Posted by Mariana Scarcella


Great walking tour of the Louve neighborhood. So many hidden treasures and a wonderful guide that made this great walk interesting and fun.

Posted by Virginia Chan


Very good tour he is informative and throw in a few tidbits about other tour

Posted by Niraj dangoria


I had never ventured into most of the areas on this tour so the experience was fantastic. Without our guide I would never have discovered and enjoyed the area around Palais Royale

Posted by Vasso Koukounidou


It was excellent!! We really appreciated the walk with our guide since it was quite unique.. we really did discover the hidden gems of paris away from the main attractions..

Posted by Simon Zeidler


Our guide was awesome, spoke perfect English and showed us many beautiful hidden places.

Posted by lindsey and david eisenstein


This was my favorite tour in all of Paris and we did them all with Discover Walks. I would highly recommend this tour to see and hear about many things in Paris others never discover.

Posted by Madeline Brown


Easy to navigate!

Posted by Eric Sklar


Amazing experience!

Posted by Dawn Sanders


Informative guide who took us on an interesting route with lots of historical gems.

Posted by stefania campogianni


I did the Montmartre Tour with Eric and I was happy to discover an area of Paris I did not know. Eric was entertaining and very competent, providing detailed information about the history, the artistic elements and some local tips, with a very nice Parisian accent. I would recommend it.

Posted by Ding LI


It was one interesting tour!

Posted by Philip Huang


Very good walking tour



Everything was organised well

Posted by [email protected]


knowledgeable guide.

Posted by Ruth


The guide was fantastic. Engaging, informative and took us off the beaten track. One of the best walking tours I've been on, and I go on loads.

Posted by Gillian & vishal Dhansingani


Wonderful,great insight to the real Paris

Posted by Kathy Rommelaere


Fijne gids, enkele leuke plekjes gezien.

Posted by Adi Katz


Our guide was great, it was our first tour with you. we really feel that it is a great way to know the city.

Posted by Chau Nguyen


Very insightful and open to questions. Took us to a beautiful garden in the middle of Paris and also gave tips on a back entrance to shorten the wait at the Louvre!

Posted by Kathryn Morales


Small groups, knowledgeable guides, and Paris! What more can you ask for. if we had started earlier in our trip, we would have taken all of the available tours. Great time!

Posted by Carla Roig Piqueras


we booked it only and it was all very easy.

Posted by Lisa Moon


Great tour, loved seeing things I wouldn't have discovered on my own. Our tour guide was informative, helpful, and charming.

Posted by Kasia Jurasz


The guide was funny and helpful. It was worth to have a walk with discover walks!

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