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Posted by Mustapha


The reservation process was easy and straight forward, did not find any problems in this.

Posted by Jill Dennis


Great tour guide with lots of good info Always up for helping out and answering any questions. Thought it?s was great!

Posted by Suzanne Hoffman


Friendly, informative guide. Lots of interesting facts and personal antidotes.

Posted by Joan Junker


Flaurent gave a very informative tour that was fun and engaging at the same time. He answered questions and exposed us to some lesser known details of his city.

Posted by Kiyomi shiba


Sarah was very personable and took us around with a nice pace and gave us informative talk about each location . Enjoyed it very much.

Posted by Elie haddad


Very friendly and knowledgeable guides that know their areas very well as most have lived in those neighborhoods all their lives.

Posted by Shivani Singh


Excellent service and customer service. Makes touring cities fun and accessible. Easy to do.

Posted by Marianne mcgrath


It all worked well.

Posted by Ben Goodman


Really good tours - friendly, locally raised guides with excellent knowledge. Couldn?t have asked for any better

Posted by Solary ha


Lovely walking tour of Paris. Had a great time, Matilda was such a wonderful guide, full of knowledge and stories. We thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Highly recommended!

Posted by Eduardo Silva Torres nogueira


Excelent tours, everything very well explained and the guiders are really nice, they are the most helpful and exciting people I?ve seen.

Posted by Ian Logan


Whilst advertised as "free" you are still expected to give around 14 euros.

Posted by Karla Pickert-Mayen


Great guides! Very interesting and fun!

Posted by Essam


It was a great experience and a lovely tour with excellent guide

Posted by Mark Ferland


Great tour, highly skilled guide. Very enjoyable experience. Thank you.

Posted by Julie and John Roth


Really organised guide very knowledgeable

Posted by varun sinha


Rain or shine ! They gaurentee their tour !! No more words needed to tell everyone what the tour is gonna be about ;)

Posted by Marine Uldry


Very good customer service, our guide Eric was easy to find!

Posted by Lori Morrow


Though I really love Discover Walks and the concept, this tour was lacking. Ideally I could?ve seen much of the sights just walking on my own. Compared to the other guides, this one didn?t seem to know quite as much from a history standpoint and he was less charasmatic. A tour guide makes all the difference.

Posted by Mar�a sagrado


Very nice guide, greeted each one of us asking our name and our origin. He made the 90min tour very interesting. Gave us some funny tips about the city.

Posted by Erin Cvengros


We had a great guide! Interesting tour seeing sights we might not normally see.

Posted by Nicole


I went on 3 tours in Paris and all of the tour guides were knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommend Discover Walks!

Posted by Aina Noorazli


User-friendly website and easy booking. clear information and place to meet... no trouble using DiscoveryWalks

Posted by Kim Edwards


We took two and enjoyed both.

Posted by Jelena Terehovica


Very experienced guides with an excellent sense of humour.



Thank you Adele for showing us around. I hope you become a good actress in the future.

Posted by Raquel


Amazing tour..so worth it!

Posted by Anna


Easy to find, good tour selection

Posted by Kristy Yeung


The booking was straightforward and easy to do.

Posted by Susan Wallace


Patrick was very friendly and knowledgeable

Posted by Tim McMahon


Excellent guide, arrived on time and led a very informative and enjoyable walk

Posted by Fernando Noschang


Patrick is an excellent guide showing knowledge and empathy during our walk through Notre Dame Cathedral. I highly recommend him and Discover Walks.

Posted by Rubens Gimael


Nice guide, nice group, nice walk.

Posted by Tanya Vawter


booking was easy

Posted by Regina Phung


i didnt book but went to the spot directly. i was welcomed very well by the tour guide, marie.

Posted by Blanqui Rocca


La guia fue muy simpatica y tenia muchos datos interesantes sobre mos sitios que visitamos, a pesar de que nos toco un dia helado, lo pasamos muy bien.

Posted by Clio Smyth


Excellent tour and guide. We were a group of 10 people in our 30's on a holiday together. We were contacted promptly by the company about a private tour as there were 10 of us and the walking tour was organised to meet our requirements. It was a very interesting tour with a great guide who increased our knowledge of Paris and showed us the sights. Thank you

Posted by Arunas


It was very interesting.

Posted by Ingkan Simanjuntak


It was my first time in Paris, I was a solo traveler and was confused what to see first, where to go. Alexandre helped me create my itinerary for the day, which covers most of what I want to see and experience in Paris. My guide, also named Alex, is very knowledgeable and resourceful, he took me to routes that is much less touristy yet very rich in history. Made me see Paris through different eyes, the eyes of a real Parisian :) Thank you, Discover Walks for making my birthday the most memorable ever.

Posted by Lee Simpson


This was an exceptional walk with an exceptional guide. Their knowledge is their commerce and the walk was conducted at a leisurely pace with plenty of intresting knowledge and facts

Posted by Sreedevi Bala


Really informative! Would definitely recommend it..

Posted by Rhoda Derbigny


The tour guide was informative but the online ad made us believe we would see more landmarks. We only had the day in Paris so we lost two hours and had to hoof it ourselves to the Eiffel tour and the arc de triumph. Had we known we could have skippers the tour and just did it ourselves.

Posted by bob tickle


Great Tour and a Great tour guide

Posted by Vincent Das


We waren met een groep van 6. Werd erdoor een heel leuk persoonlijk verhaal. Ben wel eens eerder in parijs geweest maar heb nieuwe dingen gezien en gehoord die je normaal niet zouden opvallen. Erg leuk!

Posted by Yanir Jibly


Very interesting and well explained.



Hard to understand his English. Visited very obscure places. Next time I will spend the money on a paid guided tour.

Posted by Yael ben Zion


This specific tour was very poor. The guide was knowledgeable but very tired and boring. The stops and stories were nothing like we imagine. She spoke too much and was very slowly. It took more than 2 hours which might be good if it?s interesting.

Posted by Santiago Lopez


Good tour

Posted by Inna


The tour guy was very enthusiastic, took us to the interesting points usually not listed in the tour book. Would like to have it longer than 1.5h. Thank you!

Posted by Gur


Very nice and knowledgeable people. It was a pleasure to walk with them

Posted by Cristina Rodrigues


absolutely loved this tour. Guide was very knowledgable.



Very informative and interesting! Will definitely do this again and recommend to friends travelling to Paris.

Posted by Kelly Miller


Very knowledgeable and patient throughout

Posted by Hamid


awesome event to find new friends and get to know more about the city!

Posted by Abhijit Vyas


The overall experience was very good. And guide was very nice and friendly.

Posted by Shaul Hamawi


Just grate...

Posted by Ana





Great tour with an informed guide. We were a small group so we could spend more time at locations that we liked. The guide gave nice information and the experience was very good considering it was my first walking tour ever. P.s. My tour was with the guide Raphael and she took a group photo at the end of the tour. She said she would post it on her facebook page but I was never able to find her page on facebook. It would be great if you can ask her for the photo and mail it to me at: [email protected]

Posted by Natalya Zadoyanchuk


Tour was easy to book and it was easy to find the meeting place as well as the guide at the top of the Opera steps.

Posted by Laura Boswell


We learned so much about Paris on this walk. We were given details about places we'd seen but not known anything about. The pace was perfect too. Great job!

Posted by Lali Gvaladze


Gerard is a great guide! His attitude towards travelers makes us happy and involved. I wish to visit Paris again!

Posted by Geraldine Gardinet


Great. Guide a true Parisien. Enjoyed.

Posted by Faika Darwish


The tour was amazing, the guides where funny, nice and awesome. I have learned alot of new things, I would totally go again. <3

Posted by Sagrika


Awesome ???

Posted by Anita Schmidbauer


Unser guied war sehr p�nktlich, hat uns viel �ber die Opera Garnier und die Sehensw�rdigkeiten in der Umgebung erz�hlt. Sie war sehr geduldig mit den Sch�lern und hat alle Fragen beantwortet. Hat auch spontan reagiert, wenn sie gemerkt hat, dass dies oder jenes Denkmal oder Platz die Sch�ler nicht so anspricht und ist gleich zum n�chsten �bergegangen.

Posted by Daniela Marandola


great tour with interesting stories and facts along the way!Loved it! our tour guide was very helpful! Would definatly reccomend!!

Posted by Monica Delgado


Our tour guide was lovely, new a lot about the city itself and was able to recommend a few restaurants. I will definitely use this company again!

Posted by Talia Beechick


The tour was educational, fun and a great way to see the city!

Posted by Pamela Steinik


The website was awesome. Loved the descriptions and bright colors although I wish the site was divided into 'paid' versus 'free'. The booking process was easy, and the guides were exactly where they were supposed to be. Enjoyed Le Marais walking tour more than the Landmarks since I felt like we really didn't see the landmarks! We spent most of our time at the Opera and Place Vendome. Would have liked to walk along the Seine and check out the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc with everything pointed out and a quick history from the guide. Le Marais was great since it was a smaller section with a vivid history.

Posted by Allison Benz


Great tour and tour guide.

Posted by Melissa Chang


Tomas was an amazing guide, he knew everything about Iceland and had very fun personal anecdotes.

Posted by Jose Antonio Sandoval


It was great to have a local giving the tour.

Posted by Carol Littlewood


Our guide Victor made the walking tour, interesting, amusing and informative. We enjoyed the the tour.

Posted by Tera Barber


Tour guide was great but we stopped at a bunch of places I wasn't interested in. I would have preferred to stop at the museum and effifel tower with detailed history. Not just standing and pointing from a Plaza.

Posted by payal soni


Victor was very knowledgeable and an excellent guide . I would strongly recommend him . His sense of humour made the landmarks tour very interesting. He knew what he was talking about and also told us about the offbeat places as well as good eating places.

Posted by piatek Jean Marc


je n'ai pas particip� � cet tour

Posted by mark yonemoto


Sean's knowledge of the area was great.

Posted by Adriana Rueda


It was one of the best tours I ever took! You got the oportunity not just to visit the landscapes but to know the hidden places and histories of Paris! Perfect tour!

Posted by Sandy Other


We loved Taio and his stories and knowledge. Wonderful tour!

Posted by Hannah Forbes


Amazing would definitely recommend

Posted by Patricia Kim Julian


We have 'sven' as a tour guide (I think I spelled her name wrong). She's amazing and funny! Amazing experience. Will for sure recommed this to my friends especially if it is their first time in Paris.

Posted by Christina Suess


Ben was a fantastic tour guide! The walk lasted about 1,5 h and was very entertaining! Its a great way to experience Paris with a true Parisian! This was definitely not my last discover walk! :)

Posted by Nayan Medhi


Great tour by addy!!

Posted by Sophia Faacks


The website was pretty easy to navigate and booking was easy, which I did, even though I didn't need to for the free tours. It was also really clear where to meet for the tour.

Posted by Claire O Brien Kelly


It was great. I have been on many free walking tours around europe and they never dissappoint.

Posted by Stacy Brandon


An excellent tour for your first day in Paris! Sean was an enthusiastic and friendly guide. We enjoyed it so much, we booked another tour for the next day as well

Posted by Samantha Clark


The booking process was very easy. The directions was clear. The descriptions of the tour helped in picking what tour we wanted to do.

Posted by wijshof kristel


Nice tour, interesting guide, I would recommend it!

Posted by nadia browning


full of interesting stories.

Posted by ahfaz


I really enjoyed the walk and I strongly recommend it

Posted by Maia Reboredo Drescher


Great experience!!

Posted by Rima Musa


Our guide was very friendly, knowledgable and had plenty of interesting stories to tell us about Paris and it's Landmarks. We had an excellent time on our walking tour and learned so much about this beautiful city.

Posted by Lindsey keller


Paris landmarks was a great tour. It showed you everything you needed to see from the outside. If you like it, you can go into the attraction after the tour on your own. We gave 12 euros as a tip, which was about double of what others gave, just to give you an idea. The guide was fabulous and very helpful.

Posted by Beth Fassler


Victor was terrific! He had such a passion for arts and history of Paris. He had the whole group laughing too. It was the perfect tour to get our feet wet. Thank you!

Posted by Dale Savins


This is the best way to tour Paris! Our guide was entertaining, knowledgable, engaging and very helpful with other questions we had about other Paris attractions not covered on the tour. I also did the Montemarte tour and would have done more if time permitted

Posted by Pilar Bellerand


It was very organized and we had a lot of fun. I will use this company again when I take my next international trip. Highly recommended!!!!!

Posted by Denita Biyanda Utami


The booking process was very easy and the group was very easy to be located

Posted by Andrea Jungedeitering


Sehr empfehlenswert!

Posted by Leah Nollenberger


It was really easy to reserve our spots in the tour. I was a little concerned about finding our guide at the meeting spot, but the "where to meet" information was very helpful, and she was easy to find.

Posted by ezra hadar


very good

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