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Posted by Camila


I would definitely make another tour with them

Posted by Kirsty Robinson


Super interesting tour around the Alfama district! Our guide was very well informed about the history of the city and took us through all the nooks and crannies of the district -we probably wouldn't have discovered these without him! Our guide also gave us a handy printout of things to do in and around the city as well as places to eat. Recommendations from a local - can't get better than that! Needless to say they were spot on and ensured we had a fabulous time. The only minor downside, and it is minor when all else is considered, are the hidden costs. The tour is advertised as free (which in itself it is), however if you want to sample the food and drinks they show you on the way that costs you extra each time. Then the guides also quite heavily punt throughout the tour the fact that they only get paid through tips and they expect approx. 12 Euros per person! We were on a major budget on our holiday which is why we did the free walking tour in the first place so that aspect was disappointing as it didn't turn out to be free after all...

Posted by Geraldine Kelly


excellent guide

Posted by Shai



Posted by Ellen Adrian


The tour guide, John, was extremely knowledgeable, and interesting, with a good sense of humor. A most enjoyable and informative tour.

Posted by Arshish Dastoor


Nice walk.. good content.. great guide...

Posted by Hanna Thomas


A great way to get local information and knowledge about the Alfama community. Our guide had excellent English. Would highly recommend this service.

Posted by Yoav Moran


It was fun and recommended. Our guide was Joao - the best.

Posted by Jane


Fantastic! We have done many walking tours in many countries but this was my favourite. Jonathan was very knowledgeable of the history and culture of Athens but also gave us many tips along the way to avoid the usual tourist traps. The tour was the ideal length of time and timed to fit with special events, like the changing of the guards (like you?ve never seen before!). Be sure to tip as that is how the guides earn their living.

Posted by Richard Clair


The guide was knowledgeable, personable and fun.

Posted by Jane Maliszewski


Easy to find. Accurate description on web site.

Posted by Ian Binnie


We learnt lots about Portugal and its History as well as seeing an area that we probably wouldn't have visited. The guide was very clear and entertaining.

Posted by diana urdaneta


It was cancel a few Minutes before the starting time of the tour

Posted by Melissa Chandler


Fahim was wonderfu! Great tour - funny, witty, smart and great interaction with our group. Really insightful stuff, and saw some cool things in Alfama!

Posted by Houweida Tounsi


Nice tour.. although the bed weather

Posted by Mariel Glickman


Gi is the best guide ever!! Not only he knows the city by heart (and loves it!!) but also has amazing interesting information which adds up to a great result. I strongly recommend this tour through Aflama!

Posted by Anneke buitenkamp


De rondwandeling was gezellig, leerzaam en duidelijk. Zeker niet te lang, maar lang genoeg Hierdoor konden we de volgende dagen op eigen gelegenheid nogmaals door Alfama struinen en alles nog beter bekijken

Posted by Clara Kent


I've only ever had great experiences with Discover Walks. In Lisbon, Fahim was a fantastic guide. I would recommend a tour with him 100%. He's friendly, knowledgable, and happy to answer any questions you might have. The route was fun and exposed us to a lot of interesting history.

Posted by Judy Ronis


Guillermo is an outstanding guide. He was friendly from the first moment till the last, patiently answering our questions. He has obvious passion about his subject and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this tour, especially if you are fortunate enough to get Guillermo as your guide.

Posted by Linda Briggs


The guy who lead the walk was very pleasant and informative. Nothing was rushed and he didn't cut corners even though it was carried out in torrential rain. The only negative was the expectation of 10 euros per person which didn't feel like a voluntary contribution.

Posted by Ratna Ajoodhea Ramphul


It was a wonderful experience, first of all it was about meeting people and sharing experience.. we had this amazing crowd from all over the world ... Our guide was so well versed with English and was able to make us sink into the history and definitely the day to day life in Alfama. Thank you very much and we would definitely recommend this walking tour .

Posted by Jad Farha


gave us a nice broad idea about alfama s history

Posted by Jolanda Hennissen


Onze gids kon zeer boeiend over het verleden en het leven hedendaags vertellen. Hij kon al onze vragen beantwoorden en de toer was zeer relaxed. We hadden tijd genoeg om foto's te maken.

Posted by Kwan


On time and easily accessible online

Posted by Klaudia


Tour guide was excellent

Posted by Amy Boese


Roxy did a great job and was very knowledgeable about the history of the city. She was also able to field all of our groups random questions!

Posted by Natalia Mattei Sosa


Jo�o was very knowledgeable about Alfama and explain what made alfama a special place for Lisbon and for himself. I highly recommend this tour!

Posted by Lydia Klufas


Excellent! Easy to use website, quick response and confirmation as well as tour details, and lots of great tours available. Would use them again and highly recommend them to anyone traveling in Lisbon!

Posted by Eric Monderer


Great tour guide. He was knowledgeable and funny

Posted by Sukhy


Easy to find info. on Discover Walk's service and everything was well explained. I can only share some feedback here on the meeting point for the Alfama tour - that was not the easiest to find, however, not the hardest either. It could be better, if another open site, easier to find could be mentioned. For example, near where the tuk-tuks park, along the tram tracks, where there are a couple of colored buildings, right opposite the big river view (perhaps)? You can improvise!

Posted by Mike Rothman


The tour was great. Our guide, Gi, was very knowledgeable and friendly. He is also a great communicator. The tour ran a little long, but we didn't really notice because we were so engrossed in learning about Alfama.

Posted by Tereza Horak


Took the Alfama tour and loved it despite the rainy weather. Joao was just fantastic, super nice, knowledgeable and patient with me taking a lot of pictures during the tour. Thank you so much and I hope to be able to come back to Lisbon again to take the other tour as well.

Posted by Lentie Ward


Great tour of Alfama by Guillem. Good knowledge and humour

Posted by Jessica Weingarten


Caterine was an amazing tour guide who gave us a great overview of the history and arts scene in Alfama. She was passionate about Lisbon's history and you could tell that she really loved her job and everything that she got to teach tourists. I'd definitely recommend taking a tour with her the next time you are in Lisbon.

Posted by Victoria Ralston


It couldn?t have been better. Fame (I think it?s spelled like that) couldn?t be nicer, so gentle and thoughtful. He also is very informative and made the whole tour even better. Even if doesn?t say is really fun for kids too.

Posted by Shilpi


Excellent tour

Posted by Ralph Arroz


Clara was engaging and knowledgeable. Although it was her first time taking a group on a tour, she was confident with her knowledge. Clara and her partner worked well together and made the tour both entertaining and informative!

Posted by Fione love


The tour and history information of the area was great. Really enjoyed the "local" aspect and the sly grog sale from the window. It was wonderful to meet the locals and to have an opportunity to ask questions to make our stay more interesting and enjoyable

Posted by Kylie Bianca Dias


Good pace, good guide ( Bernardo) , I felt like I really got to know the alfama district better

Posted by 'Helen O''Reilly'


The guide knew the area well. I would recommend less time at each spot and more locations covered. A map of our route given to each member of the tour would be very helpful to orient the "walker".

Posted by lily sioni


The guide was charming, she had a wide knowledge of the place and knew how to answer all the questions. Disadvantage - she went too fast and did not wait for the group.

Posted by Daniel Pesta


This was a good tour through Alfama.

Posted by Fernando Garcia Martinez


I thought it was very good. interesting and the person was ver knowledgeable !- we truly enjoyed it.

Posted by Marc Taback


We enjoyed our tour very much and highly recommend it. Our tour guide was great and very informative. Sorry I forgot his name as he was excellent.

Posted by Jana Endemann


Clear and navigable on mobile device. Good overview of the different choices.

Posted by Ross


great way to learn about the city!

Posted by Janet Dammann


Good communication and accurate tour description

Posted by Michele K


Very easy to book

Posted by Shienna Kim


Detailed tour with witty guide. Was awesome

Posted by Judith B?rger


Easy booking in advance

Posted by Maria


The Alfama suburb is not easy to walk around on your own because of the narrow, winding streets going in every direction. Having a local person leading the walk and pointing out significant places and telling stories about them made it very easy and enjoyable for us.

Posted by Michael Thomas



Posted by Kristina Pilipovic


It was a very lovely walk around this interesting a picturesque area of Lisbon. The guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and gave us a good insight into the life in Alfama area.

Posted by Angela Jenkins


Such a great tour! We are a large family with all ages, and the guide accommodated our pace and little one's attention span. So much fun! Highly recommended!

Posted by Farhana


Fahim was great. The walking tour of Alfama was informative, interesting and fun!

Posted by Amber Grandinett


We had a very nice tour. Our guide was very informative and patient with our slow pace.

Posted by Lara


The tour was informative and fun. I liked the tour guide as he was combining local street knowledge with fun facts and history. A nice tour. I wish it was longer!

Posted by Kate Meyers


Great walking tour and learned a lot about the area! He was really knowledgeable about the city, the culture, the neighborhoods, the architecture, and the current history as to how and why the areas developed they way they did and why they are what they are today!

Posted by Cathy


Discover walks is a great way to see the city through a native. It does not encompass everything you may want to know, but gives you an idea of where you may want to explore later.

Posted by Gratiela Dumitrescu


The best guided tour ever. Catarina is a rare pearl, ready to share info and impressions about her city. Very useful recommendations for fado shows and good restaurants.



Nice, devoted guide, good English, lovely walk



Easy to find book tour and confirmation emails /reminders sent.

Posted by Colin Vivian


Service and guide friendliness were good. Thought tour was fairly sort, a bit rote and only covered the basics. Mitigating factor may have been the public holiday but other free walking tours had more personal,insight from a local.

Posted by Katriona Ross


Our Discovery Walk was through Alfama in Lisbon,Portugal. Our guide was very informative as we walked from the top tot he bottom of this ancient area.He gave us insight into everyday life in Alfama for local people. He was respectful, spoke English very well and was very patient with all our questions.

Posted by Phyllis Bannon


As there was only 2 of us on the walk it was very nice to have Joao s undevided attention , he was very plesant young man and very knowledgeable about Lisbon history and culture

Posted by Bj?rn Abels


Meeting Point einfach zu finden. Gute Sprachkenntnisse des Guides. Ist auf die Gruppe eingegangen. H�tte mir ein paar zus�tzliche "Insider Tipps" gew�nscht. (Short cut zu Attraktionen, m�gliche Discounts, Empfehlung Bar/ Restaurant)

Posted by Hannah Baldwin


Good information, good length of walk

Posted by Patty Levi


Our guide, Faim, was great fun & very knowledgeable. He was fantastic!!

Posted by Darby Cassidy-Muller


Was very disappointed. No guide showed up for the tour & we were eventually told that the guide was sick. We waited for a substitute for over an hour; spoke to the Rep in Paris who tried to find another guide. It never materialized & we were told that it would be "made up to us" but I personally never received any special offer, apology, or anything.

Posted by Tasnim Motala


I showed up for the tour on time. No one was there. Ten minutes after the time the tour was supposed to start, someone approached me to tell me the tour was canceled and there was nothing she could do about it. I called the main office who was shocked to learn that the tour was canceled. I have a feeling that the Lisbon office canceled the tour because not many people signed up and only informed me and the other participants after the fact. My plans for the entire day were ruined.

Posted by Kelly Kivlahan


Camilla was awesome!!

Posted by Sherryl Clark


Easy to book with information on the things covered.

Posted by justin de passos


simple and easy

Posted by Frank Meagher


Great Guide - Andre - Enjoyable introduction to Lisbon. Directions as to where to meet the guide for the start f the tour were somewhat confusing.

Posted by Joana Nogueira


It was my first time in Alfama and I loved it. Our tour guide Andre (the singer) was amazing. He truly gave us the experience of living in the neighborhood. We walk to the most important sites but also had the chance to talk and interact with the locals. Looking forward to another tour with you.

Posted by Meera Patel


An AMAZING tour!

Posted by Megan Troy


We had a wonderful tour, Katarina was so knowledgeable. Our time in Lisbon was short but we are happy we decided to do a tour. The local touches we experienced made the tour even better.

Posted by Thu Pham


For the Belem, though I arrived at the wrong gathering place and joined the tour late, but overall, I really liked it. I don't remember the name of the tour guide, but she has blue hair, and I like her voice a lot. She gave informative information not only about the tourist attractions but also the insight of those places. She also recommended some must-see areas so I have clue what I want to explore Lisbon. The second tour I joined was also really nice. The tour guide is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what she introduced. I learnt more about Portugal history thanks to the tour.

Posted by Beverley Parlane


Good mix of facts, entertainment and engaging people. Related well to mix of ages and genders. Great area to visit and dig around in.

Posted by Sonia Curto


Our guide was young and passionate about his city. Paced our walk nicely so that we felt we saw a lot without feeling rushed. Perfect way to start any visit to a new city.

Posted by Marcia Varejao


Lovely experience, web learn a lot !!

Posted by Kisya Freisleben


Guide (John) is really friendly and new a lot about the town, open to any questions we had.

Posted by Els Hendriks


Andrea was erg enthousiast en had mooie verhalen over de volkswijk Alfama. Hij liet ons dingen zien, zoals een prachtig moza�ek van Amalia Rodriguez waar je normaal gesproken zo voorbij was gelopen.We werden onderweg getrakteerd op 'n glaasje Ginja.En op het eind sloot hij de tocht af met een prachtige fado die hij zong voor ons.

Posted by Vishnu Rajamanickam


It was a great tour! Our tour guide was Erica and she was amazing with her explanations about the city and really added a lot of local flavor to it.

Posted by Tonny van Ooijen


Fantastische rondleiding met veel oog voor detail en leuke anekdotes.

Posted by Vincent Joseph


Great tour. The guide was both wonderfully informative and personable. Absolutely tons!?

Posted by Monique and James Sabett


This is an excellent fun and informative walking tour We did two tours in Lisbon and really enjoyed our time The tour guides are terrific What a great way to learn about Lisbon

Posted by maria vandenko


very interesting and useful, thanks!

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